July 23, 2021

In a world where you inhale a smoke or a vapor, the only way to determine if that smoke or vapor is safe, is to perform what’s called and Emissions Test. The reason why an emissions test is important, is that all compounds have boiling points. Something might be safe at 150°f but could transform into something toxic at let’s say 300°f. Currently, nearly all regulatory bodies require testing the oil inside of a vaporizer cartridge at room temperature. What does this teach us?

A “leach test” is where a laboratory where open a sealed and quarantined cartridge, and then test the oil at room temperature to ensure there are no remaining pesticides, microbials, and also test for heavy metals that have “leached” into the oil. This doesn’t tell us much, yet many hardware companies still fail this basic test. The only way to ensure consumer safety is to test the compounds in the state that they enter the human body. If your not eating your weed, or drinking your vape oils, then you’re not protected by the current testing available in the market.

At PurTec, we take testing and consumer safety very important, in fact, our entire company Mission and Vision statement is exactly just that. So what do we test if there are no regulatory standards. Well there is. We use the AFNOR standards which were created and used by the European Union to ensure safety in nicotine vape products. These standards are currently the strictest standards on the planet, and are the standards that every single PurTec product is tested at.

Protecting consumers is important, after all, the majority of cannabis users use cannabis for some type or medical or therapeutic benefit. We shouldn’t be exposed to health concerns while consuming something we believe to be safe for us. Just saying…